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Deck the Halls with Suds

Good Morning Soap Fiends,

I’m getting an early itch of spring cleaning and a need for new decor to spruce up the home and soap lab. The holidays and a few extra days off beckon a change! The plan? Work from one room to another starting with the bathroom. An easy, cost effective fix? A gallery wall of sud lovin’ posters. Here is my idea so far…

farmecologie bath soap poster design

1. Belly Babies’ Wash Your Hands 2. Empressionista’s A Pirates Promise 3. Keep Calm Shop’s Soak On 4. Eco Print’s I Love You More Than Bubbles 5. Keep Calm Shop’s Wash On 6. Monkey Chow’s Let’s Get Dirty 7. CJ Print’s Splish Splash 8. Poster Pop’s Quack On

I received the handmade fix all via Etsy and will finish with a thrift store trip for frames. It’s looking soap happy, indeed!


New! Soap Packs: Ready & Wrapped

Ollo Sudsters!

What’s been stewing in the soap kitchen?! Baskets! Crates! And yes, of course more soap!

We’ve been getting crafty! Oh, how we love all things soap, soap related, and soap adjacent, but the season has the farm hands hooked on ribbon, felt, and fabric, oh, my! We’ve mixed and matched flavors of bar soap and shower gel, added a plush little ornament, and decked it all out in baskets and wooden crates ready for holiday gift giving. Aren’t we the best?! We toiled with hot glue scorched hands because there ain’t no holiday like a handmade holiday.

soap organic handmade farmecologie

Need something for white elephant parties, host/hostess gifts, baby showers, a “just because I wanted to get you” gift, or a “I just don’t know what to get you” gift? We have it! And feel free to follow our lead and just buy one for yourself. Since all of our ingredients are made without chemicals or harmful additives, you can be sure they are safe for friends and family as well as the Earth.

You’ll be doing even more good knowing another thing: The wood crates used to package the soap are not just ordinary crates. They are handmade in the USA at the Work Training Center by adults with disabilities. Each crate sold helps them live an independent life. If you happen to purchase one in the near future, this is our thank you in advance for your help.

farmecologie soap organic handmade

To us, the best things come in 3’s and wrapped in glitter laden ribbon. Pick up your packs and baskets at Beatniks in the Heights. There is more coming from the soap lab, but for now back to the craft cave!


Soapy McSoapface

P.S. As always, we would love to hear from you and get some feedback. Have a favorite flavor? Suggestion? Random thoughts about Batman? We want to hear it.

P.P.S. Stay tuned because we have much planned for 2012. Well, if the world is still here, that is…

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