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Green Goals: Virtual Notes


My new Green Goal is to stop reaching for the notebook, sticky pads, or loose paper for my lists and meeting notes. I have a smartphone for a reason and I need to use it! I am sure there will be a period of adjustment, but there  is more at stake. A tree should not be sacrificed for my to-do list.  I also get the added bonus of text messaging or emailing my lists for added convenience. Sounds like a smart green change!


Soap Slave

Why Not Walk?

Subject? Walking. Where? Houston and Los Angeles.



In the venn diagram of cities and walking, LA and Houston do not seem to fall in the overlap, but that trend is changing. Hear Our Houston is encouraging a stroll around town through community storytelling and group walks. Secret Stairs LA is uncovering the forgotten public staircases scattered throughout the urban landscape. In places of uber car culture, I welcome a bit of backlash. In one fell swoop, both of these projects are are bringing communities together, discovering their cities, and encouraging a bit of outdoor activity.


So, why not walk?

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