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Unwoven Lights in Houston

rice gallery art

This ephemeral and translucent piece made by Soo Sunny Park floats above your head as though its a cloud of light. Since light is a everyday thing we don’t “see” or appreciate the magic we have around us. With a mixture of chain-link fencing and thousands of iridescent acrylic Plexiglas plates, it turns a simple thing as light into a piece about boundaries, transparency, and the ever-shifting interplay of light and color. Go see it!



Super Heroes On Their Off Day!

happy children heros

Superheros are at it again! You’ll have to be patient with us, we love our comics as well as soap, but doing good tops the list. Remember our Dr. Batman post? Well, the whole crew of heroes is out making the world a better place one hospital window at a time. Ever wondered what superheroes did on their off day? Hospitals around the nation have an idea. Fully clothed in superhero-attire, employees of some hospitals are swinging down to wash windows and brighten up the faces of the sick youngsters. After all, who wouldn’t like seeing their favorite superheroes when they’re feeling down? Certainly brought a big smile to these kids.

Check out more photos at USA Today.

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