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A Greener Houston

Houston, Texas is by no means small. In an attempt to make this city a greener place to live, many places have been trying to find a healthier solution to help the environment. City Centre, a mixed-use development takes many steps in becoming green. Not only is it a nice place to hangout for shopping, working or staying at a hotel, it has take many steps to help be green. Not only that, it has different designs in place to make it a more people-friendly area. For example, in stead of water sprinklers that water the grass above ground and leave the sidewalks soaked, City Centre has implemented a system which operations underground. Thanks to this, the water stays only in the area for which it was intended and pedestrians no longer have to worry about slippery sidewalks.

Another big ups for City Centre is one of their restaurants: Ruggles Green. With it’s 4-star rating, Ruggles Green is currently labeled the greenest restaurant in Houston. In addition to having great desserts, they also “operate in the most sustainable way possible with extensive recycling, composting, energy-saving equipment and water conservation steps in place.”

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Don’t Waste Thyme!

When cooking, a lot of us chefs know things taste better with a little Thyme (excuse the horrible pun). However, I bet most didn’t know it had great health benefits! From speeding up cell regeneration to promoting health by fighting diseases, there are many uses to this particular plant. Here are a few but very interesting facts you may not know about this little additional cooking ingredient:

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So, next time you’re cooking, maybe you’ll think twice about wasting Thyme (again with the pun)!

Minty Freshness



Peppermint is often used without knowing what it can do for us. It’s far more than a candy, toothpaste, or garnish. Here are a few uncommon uses…


  • Peppermint Oil can be used in cooking for some delicious flavoring
  • Peppermint Oil is also useful for curing headaches and stress caused from work
  • Its herbs help with digestion as well as abnormal pain in the intestines
  • Diluting its oil before use helps calm painful spasms
  • A drop or two in water for washing out your mouth can help toothaches
  • It also helps with curing nausea
  • Menthol oil found in peppermint and applied to the skin via soap/shampoo offers a cooling effect to counter sun exposure

If you’re interested in reading more on its beneficial effects, please visit the following links here and here.

Super Heroes On Their Off Day!

happy children heros

Superheros are at it again! You’ll have to be patient with us, we love our comics as well as soap, but doing good tops the list. Remember our Dr. Batman post? Well, the whole crew of heroes is out making the world a better place one hospital window at a time. Ever wondered what superheroes did on their off day? Hospitals around the nation have an idea. Fully clothed in superhero-attire, employees of some hospitals are swinging down to wash windows and brighten up the faces of the sick youngsters. After all, who wouldn’t like seeing their favorite superheroes when they’re feeling down? Certainly brought a big smile to these kids.

Check out more photos at USA Today.

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