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A Greener Houston

Houston, Texas is by no means small. In an attempt to make this city a greener place to live, many places have been trying to find a healthier solution to help the environment. City Centre, a mixed-use development takes many steps in becoming green. Not only is it a nice place to hangout for shopping, working or staying at a hotel, it has take many steps to help be green. Not only that, it has different designs in place to make it a more people-friendly area. For example, in stead of water sprinklers that water the grass above ground and leave the sidewalks soaked, City Centre has implemented a system which operations underground. Thanks to this, the water stays only in the area for which it was intended and pedestrians no longer have to worry about slippery sidewalks.

Another big ups for City Centre is one of their restaurants: Ruggles Green. With it’s 4-star rating, Ruggles Green is currently labeled the greenest restaurant in Houston. In addition to having great desserts, they also “operate in the most sustainable way possible with extensive recycling, composting, energy-saving equipment and water conservation steps in place.”

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Where Can I Recycle?

recycle finder

Do you have a lot of recyclable material? Don’t have a recycling bin to put out with the trash? Or you do have a bin, but the city does not pick up certain items? Don’t know where to go to dispose of it properly? Well, then don’t put those perfectly beautiful recyclable materials in the trash… just go to this wonderful website, Recycle Finder, we stubbled upon to find the closest recycling center near you. All you have to input is your zip code, what kind of recyclables you have, and then there you go! The closest centers are listed and mapped for you. Easy!

Recycling Tip: Old Newspapers

recycle reuse reduce paper waste eco environment green

Don’t know what to do with all of those extra newspapers? Here are a few tips for you:

Uses For Old Newspaper

  • Protect carseats from muddy or wet clothing
  • Put into loose shoes to tighten
  • Stuff in leather shoes to preserve shape
  • Stuff in wet shoes overnight to dry and deordorize.
  • Crumple and place in suitcase for couple of weeks to remove stale odors.
  • Use as mat when polishing shoes
  • Stuff hats to keep their shape
  • Stuff leather handbags in storage
  • Wrap around candle bottoms so they’ll fit holders tighter
  • Cover store windows when remodeling
  • Dampen and spread over window-panes before painting
  • Use to dry and polish window after washing
  • Stuff under doors and in cracks to stop cold wind from
    coming in.
  • Use as a bounce reflector when taking flash photographs or use to reflect sunlight into shadow areas.
  • Start fires
  • Sharpen pencils by rubbing the point on newspaper
  • Spread out between garden rows to discourage weeds
  • Use to wrap green tomatoes to ripen
  • Cover plants during a frost
  • Use as a mat for wet darkroom photographs
  • Put under car wheels when stuck in snow, >
  • Wrap and store Christmas tree ornaments
  • Crumple (no colors) and place in plastic containers to eliminate odors

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