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Unwoven Lights in Houston

rice gallery art

This ephemeral and translucent piece made by Soo Sunny Park floats above your head as though its a cloud of light. Since light is a everyday thing we don’t “see” or appreciate the magic we have around us. With a mixture of chain-link fencing and thousands of iridescent acrylic Plexiglas plates, it turns a simple thing as light into a piece about boundaries, transparency, and the ever-shifting interplay of light and color. Go see it!



Why Not Walk?

Subject? Walking. Where? Houston and Los Angeles.



In the venn diagram of cities and walking, LA and Houston do not seem to fall in the overlap, but that trend is changing. Hear Our Houston is encouraging a stroll around town through community storytelling and group walks. Secret Stairs LA is uncovering the forgotten public staircases scattered throughout the urban landscape. In places of uber car culture, I welcome a bit of backlash. In one fell swoop, both of these projects are are bringing communities together, discovering their cities, and encouraging a bit of outdoor activity.


So, why not walk?

Blue trees are in Houston!

blue trees

Houston is amazing.

As a response to the loss of millions of trees during the drought of 2011 and the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, Konstantin Dimopoulos, has brought his living outdoor project to Houston. The project itself consist of “panting” the local trees around Houston a slightly dark tint of blue to show that a small change within are daily lives can also be a big one… though the paint it self isn’t really paint at all, just water and ultramarine mineral pigment. The “paint” doesn’t harm the tree, and since blue isn’t a known color for any trees it gives it a nice pop.

Check out where you can see the trees around town here. Take advantage of this picnic weather and head to Galveston, as well!

 Via The Coolist.

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