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Don’t Waste Thyme!

When cooking, a lot of us chefs know things taste better with a little Thyme (excuse the horrible pun). However, I bet most didn’t know it had great health benefits! From speeding up cell regeneration to promoting health by fighting diseases, there are many uses to this particular plant. Here are a few but very interesting facts you may not know about this little additional cooking ingredient:

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So, next time you’re cooking, maybe you’ll think twice about wasting Thyme (again with the pun)!

Minty Freshness



Peppermint is often used¬†without knowing what it can do for us. It’s far more than a candy, toothpaste, or garnish. Here are a few uncommon uses…


  • Peppermint Oil can be used in cooking for some delicious flavoring
  • Peppermint Oil is also useful for curing headaches and stress caused from work
  • Its herbs help with digestion as well as abnormal pain in the intestines
  • Diluting its oil before use helps calm painful spasms
  • A drop or two in water for washing out your mouth can help toothaches
  • It also helps with curing nausea
  • Menthol oil found in peppermint and applied to the skin via soap/shampoo offers a cooling effect to counter sun exposure

If you’re interested in reading more on its beneficial effects, please visit the following links here and here.

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