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Resolution #1: Love your skin

Happy New Year Sudsters!

Relatives are gone, gift lists are done, kiddos are shuffling back to school, and your sanity has happily returned. You can take the overdue deep breathe, but January brings the familiar lists of resolutions to improve our life. I am there as well with plans to personally hit the yoga studio more. Holiday pecan pie you are, oh, so evil, but, oh, so irresistible!

How about adding one easy item to the ever growing resolutions list? Through out the detergent, convert to good for you soap handmade with organic oils. Here is some info to help you make the leap. You’ll also be supporting artisans hand making products in the USA. Doing good is good for you.

The Farm Lab has goals as well. I’m sorting through photos and sketching while there is soap setting and ideas brewing. As the daily dance with the computer goes (I doubt I am alone), I stick to lists and waiver just a little. So here are a few doodles to help brighten my walls, mood, and motivation for all things soap!



Only Organic,


P.S. Sorry to dampen your freedom-from-holidays feeling, but we’re prepping for Valentine’s day! Look out for new products and baskets for your loves.

Deck the Halls with Suds

Good Morning Soap Fiends,

I’m getting an early itch of spring cleaning and a need for new decor to spruce up the home and soap lab. The holidays and a few extra days off beckon a change! The plan? Work from one room to another starting with the bathroom. An easy, cost effective fix? A gallery wall of sud lovin’ posters. Here is my idea so far…

farmecologie bath soap poster design

1. Belly Babies’ Wash Your Hands 2. Empressionista’s A Pirates Promise 3. Keep Calm Shop’s Soak On 4. Eco Print’s I Love You More Than Bubbles 5. Keep Calm Shop’s Wash On 6. Monkey Chow’s Let’s Get Dirty 7. CJ Print’s Splish Splash 8. Poster Pop’s Quack On

I received the handmade fix all via Etsy and will finish with a thrift store trip for frames. It’s looking soap happy, indeed!


Slice of Soap: Travel Size

We are in the week of the turkey and still busy in the soap workshop slicing away. There are not only the standard four ounce bars being wrapped and packed away, but also our very convenient versatile travel size. For your suitcase, for your guests, and sometimes for the mere fact of commitment issues. With thirteen flavors and the lab always brewing with new ideas, it’s the easy and cost effective way to try them all! Most of the time I’m Lemongrass, but I think I’m feeling a very Lavender Citrus this week…

Email us for more info at farmecologie @

soap farmecologie

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