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Recycling Tip: Old Newspapers

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Don’t know what to do with all of those extra newspapers? Here are a few tips for you:

Uses For Old Newspaper

  • Protect carseats from muddy or wet clothing
  • Put into loose shoes to tighten
  • Stuff in leather shoes to preserve shape
  • Stuff in wet shoes overnight to dry and deordorize.
  • Crumple and place in suitcase for couple of weeks to remove stale odors.
  • Use as mat when polishing shoes
  • Stuff hats to keep their shape
  • Stuff leather handbags in storage
  • Wrap around candle bottoms so they’ll fit holders tighter
  • Cover store windows when remodeling
  • Dampen and spread over window-panes before painting
  • Use to dry and polish window after washing
  • Stuff under doors and in cracks to stop cold wind from
    coming in.
  • Use as a bounce reflector when taking flash photographs or use to reflect sunlight into shadow areas.
  • Start fires
  • Sharpen pencils by rubbing the point on newspaper
  • Spread out between garden rows to discourage weeds
  • Use to wrap green tomatoes to ripen
  • Cover plants during a frost
  • Use as a mat for wet darkroom photographs
  • Put under car wheels when stuck in snow, >
  • Wrap and store Christmas tree ornaments
  • Crumple (no colors) and place in plastic containers to eliminate odors

For more tips, please visit the following site: Reference

Green Goals: Virtual Notes


My new Green Goal is to stop reaching for the notebook, sticky pads, or loose paper for my lists and meeting notes. I have a smartphone for a reason and I need to use it! I am sure there will be a period of adjustment, but there  is more at stake. A tree should not be sacrificed for my to-do list.  I also get the added bonus of text messaging or emailing my lists for added convenience. Sounds like a smart green change!


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