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For a Greener City!

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In an attempt to be a greener city, Austin, TX has placed a ban on plastic bags for stores around the city. It’s already in action! By doing so, they force the population to bring reusable bags with them for all their shopping needs. The stores do offer reuseable bags for those who’ve forgotten them, but for a small fee. Being one of the top major cities in the US, Austin would be setting a huge example on following greener goals to make the city a healthier one. It may seem like a tedious task, but perhaps soon this will seem second place. Maybe Houston will be next?

More info here.

Green Goals: October

Happy October to one and all! I understand making the transition to a greener life does not happen all at once, but the benefits are truly worth the effort. Therefore, I have decided to make a monthly goal to strive for.

This months goal is:

Remember your reusable bags!

I am incredibly guilty of forgetting my reusable bags. Yes, I have purchased many, some are even handmade, and I have more than enough for my groceries and that of a friend’s and yet, there they are forgotten at home, again. Tuesday (grocery night) comes around, I look at the cashier, and shyly ask for paper. I do recycle the paper bag, but, no, this is far from the same thing. This really happens all the time!

No more excuses! I’ll report back next month with goal accomplished and new items for the Green Goals list!

What are your Green Goals for this month?

Good luck,

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