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A Greener Houston

Houston, Texas is by no means small. In an attempt to make this city a greener place to live, many places have been trying to find a healthier solution to help the environment. City Centre, a mixed-use development takes many steps in becoming green. Not only is it a nice place to hangout for shopping, working or staying at a hotel, it has take many steps to help be green. Not only that, it has different designs in place to make it a more people-friendly area. For example, in stead of water sprinklers that water the grass above ground and leave the sidewalks soaked, City Centre has implemented a system which operations underground. Thanks to this, the water stays only in the area for which it was intended and pedestrians no longer have to worry about slippery sidewalks.

Another big ups for City Centre is one of their restaurants: Ruggles Green. With it’s 4-star rating, Ruggles Green is currently labeled the greenest restaurant in Houston. In addition to having great desserts, they also “operate in the most sustainable way possible with extensive recycling, composting, energy-saving equipment and water conservation steps in place.”

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For a Greener City!

no bags

In an attempt to be a greener city, Austin, TX has placed a ban on plastic bags for stores around the city. It’s already in action! By doing so, they force the population to bring reusable bags with them for all their shopping needs. The stores do offer reuseable bags for those who’ve forgotten them, but for a small fee. Being one of the top major cities in the US, Austin would be setting a huge example on following greener goals to make the city a healthier one. It may seem like a tedious task, but perhaps soon this will seem second place. Maybe Houston will be next?

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